5. William Smit
Office Manager - Unlicensed
5. William Smit
Office: (778) 476-8917
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Client Concierge and Office Manager at neuHouzz

 As the Client Concierge and Office Manager at neuHouzz, William plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and client-focused environment for our REALTORS. His primary responsibility is to act as the linchpin, allowing real estate professionals to concentrate fully on clients while taking care of all operational aspects. From managing listing and transaction paperwork to ensuring meticulous attention to detail, William guarantees a flawless customer process. Additionally, he keeps our marketing and social media channels vibrant and relevant, making 'neuHouzz' synonymous with 'real estate.'

Hailing from The Netherlands, William made the move to Canada with his family in 2009. With a background in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service, he ventured into entrepreneurship in 2017, founding and operating Proper Measure. This venture collaborated with homeowners and realtors, introducing innovative and creative marketing approaches for properties. After selling the business in 2022, William embarked on a year-long global journey with his family before settling in their preferred location: the South Okanagan.

Outside the office, William channels his energy into home improvements, enjoys beach outings, indulges in hiking adventures, and follows Formula 1 races.

With William as the Client Concierge, neuHouzz is dedicated to delivering exceptional real estate experiences, ensuring a smooth and worry-free process for both realtors and clients alike.