Spotlight Okanagan: Deb's Frosted Creations

neuHouzz Presents: Spotlight Okanagan - a video series where we collaborate with other local Okanagan/Penticton businesses in a way that showcases the best that our area has to offer because what's more important than supporting your local community. This episode introduces - Deb's Frosted Creations.

The first business we had the opportunity of sitting down with is Deb's Frosted Creations who makes, arguably, some of the best cakes around. It was such a blast watching Deb's creativity flow into a beautiful piece or art - and seeing her teach Sergej a thing or two was really just the icing on the cake.

See what I did there...

Watch the video for the rest of the story and be sure to visit Deb's Frosted Creations online.

And if you're an Okanagan business interested in collaborating, head on over to our Instagram or Facebook and slide into our DMs! We'd love to chat!

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