Why Your Home Hasn’t Sold Yet and How Choosing the Right Realtor Can Help

Why Your Home Hasn’t Sold Yet and How Choosing the Right Realtor Can Help

Despite our beautiful surroundings, success in selling your South Okanagan home is not guaranteed. In the dynamic realm of Okanagan real estate, there are many challenges to selling a property reasonably fast.

We’d like to share some of the most common reasons why selling your home may not have succeeded yet, and then offer practical solutions on how to overcome these challenges. At neuHouzz Real Estate Group, we are all about creating a seamless and successful home selling experience, and as a group of seasoned realtors, shedding some light on these issues allows us to point out actionable solutions on how we perhaps do things differently.

Poor Property Presentation:
Challenge: A poorly presented property, mostly through a lack of small or minor repairs, which should be complemented by staging, deters potential buyers. Cutting corners on property presentation will directly reflect in the final sales price.

Solution: A strong agent with the right resources will provide guidance to sellers on how to best present their home. We will offer advice on possible cost-effective improvements and will recommend professional vendors/staging if necessary. Often we even pay for them out of pocket, because we know - the first impression is the most important one!

Incorrect Pricing:
Challenge: Overpricing a property significantly impacts its marketability & desirability.

Solution: A listing price that keeps the balance between attracting enough potential buyers while still selling it at true market value. At neuHouzz we leverage a thorough review of your neighbourhood’s activity history to determine the optimal listing price, so the seller receives the highest attainable sale price.

Lack of Proper Marketing:
Challenge: Insufficient or inadequate exposure leads to a property languishing on the market. Realtors that use a fancy cell phone for pictures to list your home, simply underestimate the importance of that “First Impression”. And in this time and age, simply posting the listing on social media does not automatically equate to being seen by many.

Solution: An extensive marketing strategy like we execute at neuHouzz. Tailored to the type of home, it should include professional photography, lifestyle video production, multichannel online exposure, printed materials, and paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. With targeted advertising to stand out on MLS we ensure that your property is, not once, but continuously showcased to a broad and relevant audience 24/7 until it’s sold.

Ineffective Negotiation:
Challenge: Weak negotiation skills result in a less-than-optimal deal for the seller.

Solution: An offer on your home is only a step in the right direction, but the work doesn’t stop there. Strong negotiation expertise, a tireless work ethic to secure the best possible terms for clients, and proper communication to all parties are key to coming to a fair and favorable outcome. Strong Realtors continue to practice their skills regularly through both external education as well as in-house training.

Legal and Contractual Hurdles:
Challenge: Improper review of contracts and not ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Solution: Navigating the legalities of real estate transactions can be daunting. To minimize risking the sale, no stone should be left unturned. Over the years, we’ve heard stories of potential buyers walking away from a deal out of frustration because the listing agents fell short on due diligence. At neuHouzz we guide sellers through the legal process by meticulously reviewing every document and closely reading all local regulations to identify any risk of legal issues.

Limited Market Knowledge:
Challenge: Lack of understanding of local market trends and conditions hinders the seller's ability to make informed decisions.

Solution: A realtor who is not from this area does not have the same access to local insights and latest local market info. With our deep knowledge of the South Okanagan real estate market, we can keep sellers informed about current Okanagan house-buying trends, current buyer preferences, and what else can be done to find the right buyer. The best time to list your home is not always ANYTIME.

Conclusion: Selling a home in the Okanagan requires a strategic approach and a keen understanding of the local market. When your home hasn’t sold yet, it may be time for a change. The neuHouzz Real Estate Team has a plan in place for addressing all of the above-mentioned most common challenges. We tackle them head-on with expertise and care, to make sure there are no obstacles to your future real estate goals.

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