Brenden Flundra - REALTOR ®


neuHouzz Real Estate Group

Brenden brings over 16 years of field experience within mechanical and field service operations to the neuHouzz Group. The work ethic involved in managing operations such as he did, carries over into real estate by being tenacious in problem solving and having the willingness to do whatever it takes for our clients to be successful. Brenden's rural roots shine through in his willingness to step up, remain committed to the process and help out his clients in any way possible.

Brenden set a goal to transition away from traveling for work to be more present as a father and husband. This goal, along with his love and experience within residential real estate investing made a career as a REALTOR a great fit and a welcome change. Brenden’s transactional experience heavily outweighs his time in the industry. He has not wasted any time in mastering the systems we have in place to best support his clients. This has led to great success as an agent where many others have fallen short and it earned him the title of "2022 Realtor of the Year" and "2022 Rookie Realtor of the Year" for the Association of Interior Realtors.

Brenden loves the thrill of the deal and also to help clients transact REAL assets, create financial abundance and generational wealth. Brenden is truly satisfied when he can get clients from challenges to solutions.

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