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Sergej Sinicin - Personal Real Estate CorporationFounder / REALTOR®

Sergej was born in Riga, Latvia. At the young age of 16, he ventured out on his own and moved to Canada with only $200 in his pocket. He later married a local girl from Saskatchewan and together they worked tirelessly to build and establish several successful businesses. Destined for new beginnings, Sergej and his wife, Laura, capitalized and sold two of their companies in 2012, planning to retire in the heart of the beautiful Okanagan (Penticton) at an early age of 34.


Sergej Sinicin Okanagan Real Estate Agent

Brenden FlundraPartner / REALTOR®

Brenden brings over 16 years of field experience within mechanical and field service operations to the neuhouzz Group. The work ethic involved in managing operations such as he did, carries over into real estate by being tenacious in problem solving and having the willingness to do whatever it takes for our clients to be successful. Brenden's rural roots shine through in his willingness to step up, remain committed to the process and help out his clients in any way possible.


Brenden Flundra Okanagan Real Estate Agent

Melissa MackenziePartner / REALTOR®

Melissa grew up a small town girl who knew the value of a dollar. The "waste not want not" mentality inspired her to buy her first home at only 20 years old. Just three years later, Melissa's first home became her first rental property and there began her love affair with real estate.

Melissa now helps others to achieve their Canadian dream in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. Let her small town values and expertise make your next transaction a pleasant experience.


Melissa Mackenzie Okanagan Real Estate Agent

Brandon MoasePartner / REALTOR®

Brandon is an experienced and passionate leader in real estate sales and marketing. He develops successful strategies that deliver value, quality, and satisfaction to clients, partners, and team members.

He enjoys challenges and learning opportunities that help him grow personally and professionally.


Brandon Moase Okanagan Real Estate Agent

Joe SillittiOperations Manager / REALTOR®

Joe brings skills and experience from a 20+ year career in Business Development and Sales to neuhouzz as the Operations Manager and licensed Real Estate Agent. As the backbone of the office and systems utilization, Joe will be helping all of our clients to ensure a smooth process of buying or selling your home!

As the Operations Manager, Joe ensures that all of our core systems are in place and working to the best of our ability.


Joseph Sillitti Okanagan Real Estate Agent

William SmitClient Concierge / Unlicensed Assistant

William's main role within the neuHouzz team as Client Concierge is to be the spider-in-the-web that guarantees a work environment where the realtors can fully focus on the client without having to worry about 'all the other stuff'. Managing listing and transaction paperwork, dotting i's and crossing t's wherever necessary to ensure a flawless customer process, and keeping marketing and social media channels relevant and fresh so that when you think 'real estate', you think 'neuHouzz'.


William Smit - Client Concierge